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Katy's Kloset Medical Equipment Lending Library carries a limited number of power wheelchairs and scooters which are not shown in our catalog. If you are interested in borrowing one of these items, go to the Request Items tab above and follow the directions for requesting items.

Borrowing Power Wheelchairs and Scooters from Katy’s Kloset

Equipment loaned by Katy’s Kloset Medical Equipment Lending Library is loaned “as is”.  Although our volunteers do their best to inspect equipment before it is loaned out, Katy’s Kloset is unable to warranty or repair items once they are loaned to a customer. Per the Katy’s Kloset Lending Library Loan Agreement that all customers must sign before receiving equipment from Katy’s Kloset, customers are responsible for any modifications, repairs, and/or maintenance for items borrowed. This includes the cost and labor to replace batteries for power equipment.  Customers may keep power equipment for as long as it is needed, however, customers are responsible for replacing any batteries that are defective or have reached the end of their useful life. Please refer to the Katy’s Kloset a service of Team Up! With Families, Inc. Medical Equipment Lending Library Loan Agreement on our website at for more information.  

Because Katy’s Kloset receives limited donations of power chairs and scooters and is not able to provide power mobility equipment for every customer in need, we reserve the right to limit each customer to borrow one piece of power mobility equipment to enable Katy’s Kloset to serve more customers. If you do borrow a power wheelchair or scooter from Katy’s Kloset, we hope that you will plan for replacing that equipment when it exceeds its useful life.

To ensure long life and maximum distance with this power equipment, please follow these tips to help maximize the life of its batteries:

·         Keep the batteries fully charged.

·         Avoid storing the power equipment in places where it can be exposed to extreme temperatures, either too hot or too cold.  It can permanently damage the batteries.

·         If you use the power equipment every day

·         If you use the power equipment less than once a week

·         Do not charge the batteries for more than 24 consecutive hours. Overcharging does not improve performance and can have a negative effect.

·         Use the charger that came with the power equipment for the safest and most efficient charging. Chargers are matched to the type and size of batteries.

·         Do not leave the battery charger plugged in constantly to the wall outlet when it is not in use.


Thank you for using Katy’s Kloset Medical Equipment Lending Library.